Highly Integrated , Fast Installation
Minimalist design reduces the number of required components, making disassembly and reassembly quick and simple. This not only simplifies maintenance and repair, but also ensures that the system remains reliable and efficient for a period of time
High Precision, Accurate Steering
Tractors and agricultural vehicles can be used on straight and curved lines, The working accuracy is<2.5cm. The autonomous driving function of the system allows for predefined paths for various agricultural tasks and can be easily extended to precise pesticide control, seeding, and fertilization through simple hardware addition
Intelligent software can be upgraded remotely
This software uses intelligent algorithms and dynamic compensation to improve accuracy. It performs well on difficult terrains and can be remotely connected for upgrades, making operations more efficient.
Performance Specification
display device
IP5 visible screen under the sunshine
8.1" touch screen
Industrial grade design
IP67 dust and waterproof
5G Network modem
Android 9.0
Wheel angle gyro
Power input 9v to 36v
Torque 6 Nm
Multiple guidelines patterns
High accuracy in challenging
environments and difficult terrains.
Beidou antenna
Beidou B1/B2/B3
GPS L1/L2/L5
Steering wheel steering gear
Applicable motor DC12/24
Torque is 10N/M to 16N/M
Electric current 10A to 15A
DC working power supply +7 to 32v
Speed mode and position mode
Encoder 1024P/R
Navigation ECU
Wide voltage power supply 9 to 36v
High performance processors :STM32H743VIT6 CHL
Position: dual antenna high-precision positioning
Position accuracy: <1cm
Direction accuracy: <0.°
High-precision gyroscope: fusion accuracy <0.1°/h
4G Network modem
UHF module:frequency: 410-470 MHz
Protocol: TT450S Transparent